Celebrating Another Year of VoltBuilder!

Thank you all for being a part of VoltBuilder in 2022! As the year comes to a close, we wanted to reflect on everything that’s happened here this year. We’ve rolled out new features, improved existing services, and made sure that we’re diligently staying up to date on the latest requirements and standards for the different app stores.

Here are a few of the things we’ve done over the year:

  • We’ve rolled out support for the latest versions of Xcode 14 and Android 12 to support new Google Play and App Store requirements. It’s important to us to make sure you can build the most up to date apps as soon as possible, so we’re always keeping an eye out!
  • We now support Capacitor jobs in addition to Cordova.
  • We’ve added several quality of life enhancements for our users including controlling the verbosity of logs and clarifying many confusing error messages.
  • We’ve worked hard to increase the speed of builds, and are continuing to do so. We’ve improved the speed of VoltBuilder by leaps and bounds this year, and hopefully you’ve been noticing the difference! There’s still room to improve though, so we’ll keep working to make our service as efficient as possible.
  • We have improved the security of isolation of our already secure build environment. We know that security is one of the most valuable things for you, so we’re constantly working to make sure your data is safe and private.
  • We’ve rolled out new features including Cordova hook support for Pro and Enterprise plans as well as unlimited plugins for Enterprise plans. There are more plans for added functionality in the future, so keep an eye out!
  • Finally, we’ve done all this while maintaining 99.956% overall uptime!

It’s been an exciting year for us and we’ve been able to bring a lot more to our users. We’re going to have lots in store for you in 2023 as well! We’ll be continuing to upgrade the experience of using VoltBuilder for both our paying and free customers, while still making sure to provide you with the best support we can.

Of course, while we have a lot we want to do, we want to know if there’s anything that you want to see us bring to you in the future. We have our own ideas for how to improve our service, but we want to know if there’s something you’d really like from us. Keep an eye on your inbox in January for a link to a survey asking for your suggestions (or you can email support@voltbuilder.com if you have a suggestion/request now)!

Thank you for using VoltBuilder this year. Let’s make it a great 2023!

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