• “VoltBuilder is great. Thank you for taking the time to create VoltBuilder and for giving us a clear path away from PhoneGap Build, you have done an AMAZING THING!!!” – Warren, USA

  • “Tell you something, you are a lifesaver…. “ – Shammi, India

  • “My updated iOS app was just approved by the Apple app store. :-)

    Thanks for building this great service!” – Christof, Germany

  • “Your system of being able to provide certificates in the zip (vs hosted online) is ideal, as other providers require an active subscription in order to hold build data / certificates / etc.” – John

  • “You’ve really done an excellent job. “ – Phil, USA

  • “So I have now gone through a few attempts and adjustments, now it runs like clockwork.

    The release and live tests of Apple IPAs are still pending, but looks very good so far.

    So you have built a great solution. Minimal, functional and very robust. Thumbs up.” – Marcel, Germany

  • Re storing passwords in the cloud: “But you are right, that bothered me about PGB too.” – Christof, Germany

  • “The build service is very useful, congratulations!!” – Alejandro, Argentina

  • “Well done to you and the team on this” – Nate, USA

  • Re decision to use pure Cordova tooling: “And the right one IMO. You don’t want the hazzle of, responsibility of and delays due to maintaining your own versions of the tools as well. Also, you can focus documentation on the things you add and for the rest refer to Cordova original documentation.” – Anders, Denmark

  • “Brilliant. Amazing … Indeed working without error.” – Bernd, Germany

  • “It is feeling very stable. I’ve had no stability issues. Because I went plugin-by-plugin through my config, I had to do about 10-15 builds—no issues. Well done.” – Nate, USA

  • “I’ve been using VoltBuilder directly and with AppStudio, as a user not a developer. It’s revolutionary. Dramatically faster and easier to use than PhoneGap.” – George, Canada

  • “The testing of VoltBuilder is going great!” – John

  • “The first app I migrated to v8beta, TipMatePro, has just been approved for the App Store. Other than the UIWebView warning from Apple, all is well. Also, the Google Play Store submission went without a hitch. Just waiting for them to approve and post it.

    VoltBuilder has successfully built the second app I migrated to v8beta (PixelCalc). On iOS, the adhoc version worked fine on the device as well. The App Store version was successfully submitted to Apple via Transporter and is now in the “Waiting for Review” stage. “ – John, USA

  • “VoltBuilder is working great and thanks for the SSL update. I’m about to push the first version of the app built with VoltBuilder to the iTunes store.” – John, USA

  • “Perfect, thank you! I tested out one of our Android apps from my PGB account, only a few slight tweaks of the config file was required and it compiled successfully!

    I’m going to try iOS tomorrow when I get a spare moment but just wanted to let you know all good so far. The error handling messages really helped a lot with the config adjustments.

    Really nice work with this!” – James

  • “I’ve begun testing the VoltBuilder service. I’m very impressed!” – Christian, Denmark

  • “The support here is exceptional vs PGB which was non-existent” – David, Oregon

  • “Everything seems solid” – Bassam, Egypt

  • “Love your product!

    Your product really is simple and elegant, with good intuitive design, and a great tutorial that has it all.

    Frankly, I’m thrilled to have landed at your benevolent doorstep.” – Leslie, USA

  • “Just want to say what a great system you’ve put together.

    So far so good - managed to convert a PGB project without too much trouble - and had a nosey around the support and docs - certainly appears to be everything I was searching for in the wake of PGB’s demise! As long as I can continue to churn out my conveyor belt of daft apps for iOS and Android, I’ll be over the moon!

    Viva VoltBuilder!” – Oliver, California

  • “Everything is fine and it works very fine once I understood your structure. for ios apps its really good” – Guillaume, Quebec

  • “We would love to be a paying customer” – Mike, Arizona

  • “The tool is looking great and thanks for the proactive support. Looks like it worked perfectly.” Mike, England

  • “Great job. For me phonegap build was important and thanks to VoltBuilder I think I will be able to continue making my apps in more or less the same way. I’ve been testing and everything is fine.” Antonio, Mexico

  • “I want to say thanks for this great service that you are offering.” Fabio, Italy

  • “It’s good they finally made the announcement, and really believe Volt Builder is the best Migration path for ex-pgb users like myself.” James

  • “Thank you for developing this tool. I hope you’re enjoying lots of success with developers migrating from Phonegap. I’ve signed up to your pro plan.” John, Australia

  • “Seems like a great product and so much easier than PhoneGap builds!” Jim, Australia

  • “I love VoltBuilder.” Christof, Germany

  • “The build creation with VoltBuilder seems grand - no hassle - easier if anything than using PhoneGap.” David, Ireland

  • “I’d like to thank you for doing what Adobe failed to deliver.” Drew

  • “Ich sehe, dass Ihr weiter motiviert entwickelt, daher wird es sicher immer besser und stabiler. Was ich bei VoltBuilder ggü. der Konkurrenz gut finde: kein GitHub etc. notwendig, sondern einfach und direkt (wie bei phonegap build) die native Apps erstellen lassen. Also: weiter so und vielen Dank :)” York, Germany

  • “I see your continued motivation, so it is sure to get better and more stable. What I see with VoltBuilder compared to the competition: no GitHub etc. necessary, but simply and directly (as with Phonegap Build) create native apps. So: keep it up and thank you :)

    I was on phonegap build before and liked it for the ease of use. After I transitioned to ionic appflow abt one month ago and hate the complicated system ever since.” York, Germany

  • “I’ve really enjoyed using your much better alternative to PhoneGap Build after it was abandoned by Adobe, and I’m glad that nudged me in the direction of Volt Builder! “ A-J, UK

  • “Based on my experience with VoltBuilder so far, I think what you guys have achieved is totally awesome and way better than Adobe Phonegap Build ever was. The documentation is excellent, and the build service itself and diagnostic messages are wonderful to work with.” Paul, UK

  • “Very nice now. And the functionality to scan/install after build is very nice.” Italia

  • “I find your service extremely usefull. Currently I am porting my apps and when ready will use your service to compile them with ease. I am a phonegap build user, so having someone “help out” with the compiling is a great relief for me. Thanks again for your service, you are a life saver.” Fabio, Italy

  • “just signed up for ‘Pro’, to play around with the VoltBuilder. Just wanted to say, that I’m amazed at how smooth it works, and I hope that it will bring in some good revenue for you hard work.” Christian, Denmark

  • “I came looking for an alternative to Phonegap Build. Tried Volt, Monaca and a couple more. Of all the options tried, Volt seemed the best to me.” Carlos

  • “I love voltbuild btw :)” Bassem