What is VoltBuilder?

VoltBuilder is a build service for Apache Cordova and Ionic Capacitor.

It works as a web service. Zip your project, upload to VoltBuilder, and download executables for Android or iOS.

We were users of PhoneGap Build long before they became part of Adobe. As the friends we made at Nitobi drifted away and PhoneGap itself withered, we realized we and our customers were going to have a big problem unless something was done.

We had the advantage of starting with a clean slate. We were able to simplify and speed up the workflow. We also kept it framework neutral: VoltBuilder does not depend on any AppStudio products, nor does it restrict the use of other frameworks. There is nothing to install.

VoltBuilder compared to PhoneGap Build

  PhoneGap Build VoltBuilder
Xcode 9.2 13.4.0
Apache Cordova Version 8.0.0 10.1.1
Android API version API 28 (Android 9) API 30 (Android 11)
Signing keys Stored on Adobe server Only uploaded during build
Source code Stored on Adobe server Only uploaded during build
Targets Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8 Android, iOS, Windows
Google Play Store compliant Until Aug 3, 2020 Yes
Upload to Play Store? No Yes
Apple App Store compliant Until Jun 30, 2020 Yes
Upload to App Store? No Yes
Submit from Windows, MacOS Windows, MacOS
Android Build time (secs) 26 21
iOS Build time (secs) 55 44

We continuously update the VoltBuilder toolchain to the latest versions.

Who is NS Basic LLC?

Originally NS BASIC Corporation, we started in 1993 at the introduction of the Newton to fill the need for easier to use development tools. Our first product, NS Basic/Newton, was a success. When the Newton was cancelled, we introduced NS Basic/Palm, and later added NS Basic/CE. In 2023, we became NS Basic LLC.

In 2010, we realized that JavaScript on mobile devices was getting fast. Web pages in those days used a bit of JavaScript to augment the page: Could we flip things around and make JavaScript the core of web pages, driving the HTML and CSS? That resulted in AppStudio, targeting iOS and Android. It now has thousands of users in over 80 countries. More than 2 million students have learned how to program using it.

The same core group of developers has been at work on AppStudio for many years. We enjoy what we’re doing - we’ve built a loyal base of customers by treating them fairly and providing great support.

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