We take every question seriously, not only to help you, but to make VoltBuilder better. Each time we’re asked something, we consider how we could improve VoltBuilder so the question does not come up again. We’ve made hundreds of improvements to VoltBuilder and its documentation as a result, so if you have a question, ask away!


VoltBuilder Forum

The forum is our primary form of support. We answer questions posted here before emailed questions. Our objective is to build up information which is available to all users.

Questions posted to the forum reach a wide group of people in all time zones around the world. Many know much more then we do - we’re happy when they participate.


If you have a question which involves confidential information, such as your account info or billing, feel free to email us directly.

We answer all emails to support, usually within a day.

Looking forward to helping you!

The VoltBuilder Team

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