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Create a zip file and upload.

Learn more in the Tutorial and Docs.


Download and Run

Download your app and run it on your device.

Replace PhoneGap.

Convert easily, using the latest Android and iOS toolchains. Check out the Migration Guide, watch the video or try the tutorial.

VoltSigner makes your certificates.

Use VoltSigner to generate and download Android and iOS signing certificates free of charge. No Mac required.

Make Web Apps into Native.

Use HTML + CSS + JS to make native apps for Android and iOS. Extend your app with over a thousand Apache Cordova Plugins.

No Mac Required.

Simply upload to our server. Signs, builds with Xcode, and uploads to iTunes.

(also replaces MacinCloud)

Don't worry about SDKs.

The Android and iOS SDKs are a pain to set up and keep running. VoltBuilder always uses the latest tooling.

Android and iOS.

Store-ready apps for Android and iOS are ready in minutes. VoltBuilder even uploads for you. No Mac required.

Be secure.

There’s no need to keep your passwords, certificates and source code in our cloud. We delete it all when your build completes.

No hassle submission.

Nothing to install. Simply zip your files and submit them to VoltBuilder.

Download directly to your device.

When the build completes, you’ll get a QR code you can scan with your phone to install your app.

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