VoltBuilder offers 20% off for PhoneGap users

Adobe PhoneGap shut down their servers on March 1, 2021. To make it easier to transition, VoltBuilder is offering new users a 20% discount.

PhoneGap provided an easy to use web service which converted web apps to native apps. These could be distributed through the Android and iOS stores. In the fall, they announced they were planning on discontinuing the service. They have now done so.

VoltBuilder went live in 2020. It retains the ease of use of PhoneGap, but uses modern libraries and tools to make native apps. In many cases, little or no change is needed to build PhoneGap projects.

In addition, VoltBuilder can upload to the stores and create certificates, allowing developers to create apps for iOS without needing a Mac.

Signing is handled by VoltSigner, which lets you generate iOS and Android certificates in your browser, whether you’re running Windows, MacOS or Linux.

Voltbuilder is offering 20% off all their plans for those converting from PhoneGap after March 1. The discount will apply for a full year.

To get the discount, fill in this form. The offer expires on April 30.

What VoltBuilder Does

VoltBuilder builds native executables (.apk and .ipa) for Android and iOS from web apps. These executables can be augmented with native code plugins which extend capabilities far beyond what is possible in Web Apps and PWAs. PhoneGap plugins (if up to date) are completely compatible with VoltBuilder.

It works as a web service. Zip your project, upload to VoltBuilder, and download executables for Android or iOS.

VoltBuilder is framework neutral: it does not use any other AppStudio products, nor does it restrict the use of other frameworks. There is nothing to install.

How to Get Started

Visit https://volt.build for more information, to sign up and get started. You can use the Free plan for limited testing, or sign up for a trial of the Indy or Pro plans. The first 15 days are free: you can cancel at any time.

There is also a one minute video, showing you how to submit your app and download the result.

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