iOS 16 Developer Mode

iOS Developer Mode is a new security feature in iOS 16 designed to make it harder for users to install malware. To access Developer Mode, you must first install an app for testing. This tutorial walks you through installing an app and turning on Developer Mode.

Step 1: Start by scanning the QR code for your VoltBuilder app using your device’s camera. Tap on the “Open in iTunes” link when it appears:

Install a debug app by scanning a QR code

Step 2: An alert will pop up stating that VoltBuilder (“”) would like to install the app on your device. Tap on “Install.”

Install or cancel dialog for installing your app

Step 3: Your app is now installed, and ready for you to start up. When you tap on your app icon, an alert will pop up directing you to enable Developer Mode to use your app. Tap on “Ok.”

Developer Mode required dialog

Step 4: Open your Settings app. Navigate to “Privacy and Security.” Scroll to the bottom and tap on “Developer Mode” to switch the setting from “OFF” to “ON.”

Developer Mode setting

Step 5: An alert will pop up telling you that you must reboot to turn on Developer Mode. Tap “Restart” to restart your device.

Developer Mode reboot dialog

Step 6: After restarting, an alert will pop up and ask you to confirm that you want to enable Developer Mode. Tap “Turn On.”

Developer Mode enable dialog

Step 7: Finally, enter your passcode. Now you should be able to run your app, along with any other apps you’d like to debug in the future.

Developer Mode passcode confirmation

Developer Mode reduces the security of your device. To improve your device’s security, only turn Developer Mode on when you are using your device for app development.

What VoltBuilder does

To start testing your app right away check out VoltBuilder!

VoltBuilder is a wrapper for Apache Cordova and Ionic Capacitor. We make it easy for you to build native executables (e.g., .apk, .aab, and .ipa) for Android and iOS from web apps. You can augment these executables with native code plugins to extend your app’s capabilities far beyond what is possible in Web Apps and PWAs.

VoltBuilder simplifies and speeds up your workflow while keeping things framework neutral. As a web service, there is nothing you need to install. And we keep everything up to date so you can focus on building to the latest standards.

The way VoltBuilder works is simple. Zip your project, upload it to VoltBuilder, and download your Android or iOS executable.

Getting Started With VoltBuilder

If you haven’t already, sign up and select the VoltBuilder plan that best fits your needs and budget. You can use the Free plan for limited testing, or try out our Indy or Pro plans with a 15 day free trial!

Then, check out our Docs Section to learn how to integrate VoltBuilder into your development process.

When you’re ready to upload your first project, watch our video tutorial (or read the tutorial in our docs). The Docs section has plenty of other helpful resources, like Migration Guides, sample projects, and tips to get you started! If you need extra help, stop by our Support Forum!

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