PhoneGap Migration Guide

VoltBuilder is designed to be a modern implementation of PhoneGap Build. We’ve tried to make it as easy as possible to bring your PhoneGap projects over.

There is a tutorial and a video.

Here are a few tips:

  • Both PhoneGap and VoltBuilder use the Apache Cordova libraries. While it’s been a while since PhoneGap has updated their stuff, Apache Cordova has been steadily improving. You may have some changes to keep up with the new features of Apache Cordova.

  • Android and iOS have also been evolving steadily. Once again, PhoneGap has not kept up. You may need to make changes to your project to keep up with Google and Apple’s new requirements.

  • PhoneGap keeps your entire project on their server permanently. Source code, certificates, everything. With VoltBuilder, you upload your code and certificates each time. They get deleted as soon as the job is successfully processed.

  • You upload your project as a zip file for both PhoneGap and VoltBuilder. In VoltBuilder, your certificates are included (in a folder named certificates). There is also a new file called voltbuilder.json which has the names of the certificates and their passwords. Both of these are in the zip file.

  • Check the documentation on voltbuilder.json for more information

  • Over the years, the project format for PhoneGap gradually changed. A couple years ago, Cordova standardized the format. If you have an older PhoneGap project, you may need to move some folders and files around. Here’s what your project directory should look like:

Project Root
├-- config.xml
├-- certificates
│   ├-- android.keystore
│   ├-- development.mobileprovision
│   ├-- distribution.mobileprovision
│   ├-- ios_development.p12
│   └-- ios_distribution.p12
├-- merges (optional)
│   ├-- android
│   └-- ios
├-- res (optional)
│   ├-- android
│   └-- ios
├-- voltbuilder.json
└-- www
    ├-- css
    ├-- images
    ├-- index.html
    └-- js
  • Google now requires projects be built using Android SDK 29. VoltBuilder does this by default. (PhoneGap is unable to do so at all). You may lose the ability to run your app on some older devices as a result.

  • Apple now requires projects be built using XCode 11.6 (PhoneGap can’t do this) to be accepted in the store. VoltBuilder does this by default. There are also some changes involving UIWebView and permissions. The resulting project will run on iOS 11 and above.

  • VoltBuilder has various plans. The Free Plan lets you build Android Debug executables using core plugins. There are monthly Indy, Pro and Enterprise plans depending on your needs. Nearly all plugins listed on will work. If you need one which is not yet supported, it will usually be added within a day.

  • Want more tips? Check out Tips for PhoneGap users.

Got questions? Visit our forum.

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