Capacitor Overview

What VoltBuilder does for Capacitor users

VoltBuilder is a complete and easy to use build solution for delivering native apps.

  • Native Builds - Compile native app binaries in the cloud

  • App Signing - Make Android and iOS certificates using VoltSigner. No Mac required!

  • App Publishing - Publish directly to the Apple and Google Play stores.

  • Automations - Fully automate your app delivery VoltBuilder’s API.

  • App Hosting - Don’t want distribute via the stores? VoltBuilder can host for you.

  • Secure - VoltBuilder does not store your signing credentials. You include them in your project, which is deleted as soon as we are done with it.

With VoltBuilder, you can run your entire development process from Windows. Building, signing and uploading to Apple do not require a Mac.

VoltBuilder is available with various plans to suit your requirements and budget.

Capacitor and VoltBuilder

Capacitor can take your project all the way to release in the iOS and Android Play stores. The last step, however, is tricky. It requires a Mac as well as the correct installation and configuration of the build tools for each platform. These tools are fragile: they need constant updating to keep working.

VoltBuilder does that last step for you. Simply upload your project and VoltBuilder does the builds for iOS and Android. It can even upload to the stores automatically at the end of the build.

VoltBuilder is designed to be the easiest, quickest and more cost effective way to build native apps. No Mac needed.


To get started with your project, see How to set up your Capacitor Project.

For more, check out Support page.

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