VoltBuilder can automatically upload your app to iTunes App Store Connect at the end of your build. Uploaded apps are eligible for release or TestFlight. You do not need a Mac to upload your apps.

Here’s how it works.

  1. iTunes App Store: Make sure your listing in the iTunes store is ready. Status should be “Prepare for Submission”.
    Prepare For Submission
  2. App-specific password:. Go to the Apple ID page and sign in. In the Security section, click on “Generate Password…” Use VoltBuilder as your password label. You’ll get back a string like wxyz-ymul-hbqn-xxxx. This app specific password will let VoltBuilder submit to Apple, without allowing VoltBuilder to see any secure information.

  3. VoltBuilder.json: Add these lines to your voltbuilder.json (substitute your values).
      "itunesAccount": "somebody@somecompany.com",
      "itunesAppPassword": "wxyz-ymul-hbqn-xxxx",

    You should also check that you are building for the App Store.

      "iosPackageType": "app-store",
  4. Build Number: Each time you run, make sure ios-CFBundleVersion has been incremented in config.xml.
    <widget ios-CFBundleVersion="2" version="1.0.0" ...

Build as usual. If the upload fails, VoltBuilder will return a message. Otherwise, your app will have been uploaded to App Store Connect.