Upload to iTunes App Store Connect

VoltBuilder can automatically upload your app to iTunes App Store Connect at the end of your build. Uploaded apps are eligible for release or TestFlight. You do not need a Mac to upload your apps.

Here’s how it works.

  1. iTunes App Store: Make sure your listing in the iTunes store is ready. Status should be “Prepare for Submission”.
    Prepare For Submission
  2. App-specific password:. Go to the Apple ID page and sign in. In the Security section, click on “Generate Password…” Use VoltBuilder as your password label. You’ll get back a string like wxyz-ymul-hbqn-xxxx. This app specific password will let VoltBuilder submit to Apple, without allowing VoltBuilder to see any secure information.

  3. VoltBuilder.json: Add these lines to your voltbuilder.json (substitute your values).
  "itunesAccount": "somebody@somecompany.com",
  "itunesAppPassword": "wxyz-ymul-hbqn-xxxx",

You should also check that you are building a release build for the App Store.

  "release": "release",
  "iosPackageType": "app-store",
  1. Build Number: Each time you run, make sure ios-CFBundleVersion has been incremented in config.xml.
    <widget ios-CFBundleVersion="2" version="1.0.0" ...

Build as usual. If the upload fails, VoltBuilder will return a message. Otherwise, your app will have been uploaded to App Store Connect.