Hosting your app on VoltBuilder

VoltBuilder Hosting gives your app a persistant place where it can be downloaded.

Normally, apps are only available for download for a short time after they are built. With Hosting, your app will be available for as long as your plan is in effect. This is useful for a organizations which need to make their apps available, but do not want to maintain their own hosting service.

This service is for all Android apps and for iOS Enterprise apps.

To use this service, you need to be on a VoltBuilder Enterprise Plan. It’s intended for low volume users - if your organization will have thousands of users downloading, please check with us to make sure our servers will be ready. It’s also intended for hosting a limited number of apps. if your organization will have hundreds of apps, please check with us to make sure our servers will be ready.

To get this going, add a new field to your voltbuilder.json file:

  "hosting_id": "MyAppName",

You can put any string in this field. It serves to indicate that the app should be hosted and gives it a unique identifier.

If you submit another build with the same hosting_id, it will replace the one which is already there.

VoltBuilder will return the URL to the app. For a given hosting_id, the URL will always be the same. You can then give this URL to your users. The new version is available immediately.

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