VoltSigner is a simple web form for creating signing certificates, so apps can run on devices and be accepted by Android and iOS stores.

All processing is done locally on your computer - no information is uploaded. This keeps the certificates and passwords secure. A MacOS computer is not needed to create iOS certificates. No software needs to be installed on the user’s system.

The certificates produced will work for any build tool - not just VoltBuilder. Use them with Apache Cordova, Ionic Capacitor, Appflow and others.

Use of VoltSigner is not required for VoltBuilder. Feel free to keep using your existing certs. It’s just a much easier way to make them.

The security and privacy of your signing keys are of the utmost importance to us. Our certificate generating servers keep no records of your password, or any private keys we generate on your behalf. No key material is ever stored on disk. No private information is kept in logs. If you have questions or concerns about our security and privacy practices please contact support@volt.build.


  1. VoltSigner makes self signed certificates (.p12) which are required for upload to the Play Store. If you use Play App Signing, this certificate is just used to verify your identity and the Play Store handles the actual app signing. We strongly suggest you use Play App Signing when possible.

  2. The certificates VoltSigner creates can also be used for signing .apk files for direct distribution.

  3. Once you generate a certificate and upload to the store, you will need to keep using that certificate for uploads. If you lose your password, your only option is to create a new store listing with a new package name and start from scratch. (One time exceptions have been made - contact Google for this.)

  4. To simplify input, androidAlias is always set to key0. Similarly, the androidAliasPassword uses the same password as the certificate.

  5. All fields, except for Email and Password, are optional.

  6. VoltSigner can also update your voltbuilder.json file.


  1. To get the certificate from Apple, you will need to be registered in Apple’s Developer Program and set up your app in App Store Connect. Check out Apple’s documentation for complete details.

  2. Part way through the process, VoltSigner will ask you to download the Apple Certificate and provisioning file. You’ll use those to complete making the certificate.

  3. No Mac is needed to make the certificates - VoltSigner does all the hard stuff.

  4. VoltSigner can also update your voltbuilder.json file.

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