Plugin Checklist

Need a plugin which is not on the Approved List?

We’re happy to accept new plugins. Here are some of the guidelines we look for before approving a new plugin. The purpose of these guidelines is to make sure the plugins are well documented and well behaved - others will be using them as well.

Plugins must be valid Cordova plugins. Cordova has pretty good documentation on this.

If you have a proprietary plugin which is not shared with other users, please contact us about our Enterprise Plan.

  1. Is your plugin listed on
  2. Does its homepage link to the proper home page?
  3. Does its repository link to the proper GitHub repo?
  4. If you’ve modified the plugin have you outlined your modifications in the
  5. Does your plugin include plugin.xml at the top level?
  6. For android plugins, did you include the proper XML namespace in the plugin tag of plugin.xml - xmlns:android=""?
  7. Does it follow Cordova’s guidelines for plugins?

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