Migration Guide

Ionic AppFlow is one of the most widely used build tools for mobile apps. Not surprising - it’s been around for a few years.

Many users are switching from Ionic Appflow to VoltBuilder. Build times are faster, error messages are better, tools are more up to date and it’s not as expensive. The resulting executables are identical.

Both products use Apache Cordova and Ionic Capacitor to compile your app, so it’s the same technology underneath. As a result, there are very changes you will need to make to your app.

Since VoltBuilder does not keep information about your app on its servers, you need to add a voltbuilder.json file and a certificates folder. These are uploaded with your app.

On the other hand, you no longer need package.json or ionic.config.json. You also do not have to set up your app on the VoltBuilder website. Just drag and drop onto VoltBuilder’s Upload page.

Here are the steps:

  1. Copy your GitHub repo to your local system (if it’s not there already).
  2. Copy your certificates into a certificates folder folder in your project.
  3. Put the names of your certificates and their passwords into a voltbuilder.json file in your project.
  4. Go to the Pricing page on the VoltBuilder site and choose a plan. Don’t worry, the first 15 days are free and you can cancel at any time.
  5. Zip your project file and drop it onto VoltBuilder’s Upload page.

Got questions? Email support@volt.build or post to the VoltBuilder Forum.

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